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CAST develops, aggregates, and integrates silicon intellectual property (IP) for electronic system designers, since 1993.

Here, you will find a complete list of our product line, and you can download an intro brochure PDF.


32-bit Basic Application Processor
PipelineZero 32-bit Embedded Processor
32-bit Low-Power Deeply Embedded Processor
32-bit Cache-Enabled Embedded Processor
32-bit Deeply Embedded Processor
32-bit Application Processor
Talos Evaluation Kit for BA2X Processor IP Cores
Legacy-Configurable 8051-Compatible Microcontroller IP
High-Performance, Configurable, 8-bit Microcontroller
Super-Fast, Configurable 16-bit 80251 Microcontroller
Super-Fast 8051 Microcontroller with Configurable Features & Peripherals
Ultra-Small 8051-Compatible Microcontroller


GZIP & GUNZIP Acceleration Card Reference Design for Intel FPGAs
GZIP & GUNZIP Accelerator Reference Design for Xilinx FPGAs
GUNZIP/ZLIB/Inflate Data Decompression
Low-Latency AVC/H.264 Baseline Profile Decoder
Ultra-Fast AVC/H.264 Baseline Profile Encoder
Low-Power AVC/H.264 Baseline Profile Encoder
AVC/H.264 Video Encoder with Compressed Frame Store
Low-Power AVC/H.264 Baseline Profile Decoder
Hardware RTP Stack for H.264 Stream Encapsulation
H.264 Video Over IP – HD Decoder Subsystem
H.264 Video Over IP – HD Encoder Subsystem
Hardware RTP Stack for H.264 Stream Decapsulation
Ultra-Fast Baseline and Extended JPEG Decoder
Ultra-Fast Baseline and Extended JPEG Encoder
Lossless & Near-Lossless JPEG-LS Decoder
Lossless & Near-Lossless JPEG-LS Encoder
Hardware RTP Stack for JPEG Stream Encapsulation
Motion JPEG Over IP – HD Video Encoder Subsystem


CAN 2.0, CAN FD, and CAN XL Bus Controller
CAN2.0 & CAN-FD Verification IP
CAN-to-TSN Ethernet Gateway
CAN2.0 & CAN FD Reference Design
SENT/SAE J2716 Controller


LIN Bus Master/Slave Controller
TSN Ethernet Endpoint Controller
TSN Ethernet Switched Endpoint Controller
TSN Ethernet Verification IP
Gigabit Ethernet Media Access Controller
Low-Latency 10/100/1000 Ethernet MAC
MPEG Transport Stream Multiplexing & Encapsulation Engine
UDP/IP Hardware Protocol Stack
MIPI I3C Basic Slave Controller
MIPI SPMI Master or Slave Controller


32-bit/33MHz PCI Host Bridge
32-bit/33MHz PCI Master/Target
32-bit/33MHz Multi-Function PCI Master/Target
32-bit/33MHz Multi-Function PCI Target


AXI4 to/from AXI4-Stream Scatter-Gather DMA
AHB/AXI/Wishbone DMA Controller
General-Purpose I/O Controller with APB Interface
Real-Time Clock with APB Interface


Smart Card Reader Controller
Watchdog Timer with APB Interface
Error Correcting Code for SRAMs
xSPI Flash Memory Controller
UART with Synchronous CPU Interface
UART with FIFOs and Synchronous CPU Interface
UART with FIFOs, IrDA and Synchronous CPU Interface
HDLC & SDLC Protocol Controller
I2C Master/Slave Controller
Octal SPI Master/Slave Controller



Advanced Encryption Standard Engine
AES-CCM Authenticated Encrypt/Decrypt Engine
AES-GCM Authenticated Encrypt/Decrypt Engine
Programmable Advanced Encryption Standard Engine
AES-XTS Storage Encrypt/Decrypt Engine
AES Key Expander


Message Digest Algorithm Processor
256-bit SHA Secure Hash Crypto Engine
SHA-3 Secure Hash Crypto Engine
Secure Execution Processor
SoC Security Platform / Hardware Root of Trust

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